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Originally Posted by ChubbyKitty View Post
I will say this: it's nice to be paying roughly what other people are paying for frozen meals. Fresh food is always better than frozen. I don't totally understand why someone would pay the same amount for frozen food. Can someone offer me insight into that?

Can only speak for myself, obviously, but I love the convenience of being able to toss a flash-frozen, vacuum-sealed bag of delicious food into a pot of boiling water and then, in under 15 minutes, having a meal that is fresh and delicious and tastes like someone just came into my home and cooked it for me.

I haven't tried the fresh-food home delivery plans, so I can't compare them first hand. What I've read from others, though, shows me that sometimes the lettuce is wilted or the fresh foods aren't staying fresh nearly as long as they're supposed to, based on the number of days' food you've ordered, etc. Again, no first-hand experience with this... just what I've read from others. (And of course, it's not always that way, I'm sure!)

I like the convenience of the frozen foods. I love how everything tastes, when it's prepared and on my plate...headed into my mouth.

So, I've got no complaints and the cost issue simply is a non-issue for me, meaning, if I'm loving the food and losing weight by eating it, and it basically costs the same as pretty much anything else (even not being on a plan at all, when you factor in dining out, grocery shopping, preparation, takeout, convenience foods, vending machines, etc., etc., etc.), what's not to love?

But maybe I just don't have a sophisticated enough sense of taste to be turned off by frozen food that comes out so yummy. I like it!
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