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I'd love to see Ali win. I've always liked her and her determination (and her smile is absolutely radiant). Her mom, on the other hand, always kind of got on my nerves lol. I'm afraid she may go below the line tonight though because she has had so many phenomenal weeks since she came back. If she does, regardless of who else goes under she will probably be gone. Isn't this the last week they have to worry about the yellow line?

I'd like to see Roger gone tonight. I started out really liking him, but he's turned into a mean, macho, booger. Dan was another favorite at the beginning, but after mom left and the Boys got hold of him he got a fat head too...... BUT they have all done great things!!! I'm not trying to take anything away from that!!! Just my humble opinion

I totally agree with those who think there should be a male and a female loser. OK so it IS possible for a woman to beat the odds and win, but it's so much more difficult. And they should also use people who's beginning percentages are more in line with each others.

It is so hard to stay out of here after the show starts for you on the other coast!!! I usually can't, but I have to pretend I don't know what's going to happen or dh gets all snippy and wants to change the channel hehehe.

Sooooo Happy Watching tonight!!!!!!!!

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