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Default The knowledge gained was great, everything else, not so much

I participated in LAWL from June 2007 to September 2007. The people there were very friendly and helpful, but like many other posts, I felt pressured to purchase an ungodly amount of products. At one point I had 2 cabinets in my kitchen completely filled with LA lites, and I had 5 gallons of take-off juice! I do have a hard time saying no, but it was clearly noted in my file that I had just purchesed 'x' amount of boxes and the consultants would still pressure me into buying more the next visit.

Another problem I had deals more specifically at my center. The center that I was going to had waaaaay too many clients. At one point I had to wait an hour and a half in order to see a consultant. Most visits consisted of me waiting at least 40 minutes. I saw numerous clients get up leave because of the wait. This was the ultimate reason why I quit going. I had better things to do with my time than sitting in a hot room with 17 other people just to get weighed!

I was in my final year of college when I joined, and I joined in order to loose a little weight (25 lbs). I felt like I was always pushed aside so that 'favorite' clients could be catered to. Just because I wasn't in to lose 200 lbs or I wasn't in a maintenance stage doesn't make me any less of a person. I don't know if it was because I was young or not intending to lose lots of weight but I definately felt like just a number.

Considering how much money I put into the program (over $1200), I don't really feel that I got anywhere near my money's worth. I did lose a little weight on the program (12lbs). The knowledge on how to eat was great. I still use the receipes and portion cards; however, I wouldn't recommend the program to others.
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