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Aaahhhh, what trip down memory lane!!! Wow, forgot all about Deal a Meal. Never ordered it myself but boy do I remember the commerical, moving the cards from one slot to the other. And Richard Simmons is still around. I'm convinced he has not one piece of 'normal' clothing cause he's still in those little shorts and tank tops. LOL

Suzanne Sommers gadget was the Thigh Master. Oh please, the name just cracks me up. Remember her sitting on the edge of the sofa or bed, squeezing away? I think I remember the guys liking the commerical though. Naturally!

AIDS diet candies -- OMG, I remember my mom had these. Totally forgot about them! Jane Fonda tape? Eeeek, I had a Jane Fonda exercise record. OY!! On the cover she was in her leotard and stripped leg warmers. Leg warmers lol -- like we were all dancers or something.

Everytime I see the latest and greatest 'gadget' or whatever, I always think that this is it, they will never be able to come up w/anything else to top it. Amazingly, they always do. Maybe they work for some folks but most of them always seem 'gimmicky' to me.
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