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Originally Posted by JuanitaG View Post
I just completed 6 weeks of PFFS - two rounds of the 3 week plan.

I am going to switch to another one just to see if I like it better. I'm actually going with a local 3-day a week home delivery M-F plan, so we'll see. It's more expensive, but not too much more, so we'll see if I do a better job eating the meals. I was extremely excited about the food when i first started, but then i got bored with the selection and found myself eating out more and more, and meals left over in my fridge.

For the most part, I like PFFS, but as others have noted there just isn't that much variety and I kind of got bored with it. The food itself is pretty tasty, and I like that nothing is ever frozen. I just got to a point where I was ordering the same stuff every week cause I didn't really care for the other stuff - more variety will definitely help. In the 6 weeks I did it, the menu NEVER changed, so i'd be interested to hear if they do start to add more stuff.

My faves ended up being:
Breakfast - the smoothies and southwestern skillet

Lunch - all the wraps, i usually don't like eating hot foods for lunch. grilled chicken chick pea salad, rubbed beef steak with quiona, tomato soup

dinner - the italian lasagne, basil chicken salad, chicken mung bean salad (i love spicy!), beef steak with mushrooms

The only one that i just couldn't eat was the one with the squash spaghetti - what on earth is that one all about?!? i found the portions to be pretty good, and the food remained fresh for about a week, after that, it did go down in quality - even though they say it will stay fresh for 2 weeks.

i guess it's just part of the whole food delivery service, but i really hated getting rid of all the packaging - huge box (i'm sure my fed ex guy will NOT miss carrying that!) and all that dry ice and foam - on the flip side, my food ALWAYS arrived fresh, ice still intact, etc etc. And they do a nice job of packaging, nothing ever crushed, everything labeled nicely, fruit is bubble wrapped. I figure much of the money goes to fedex delivery/packaging, so since i live in an area with lots of home delivery options i'd rather the money go in to the food, rather than shipping.

So, i would still totally recommend PFFS for their freshness and overall quality. I might even go back to them if current one doesn't live up to expectations (first delivery on monday) and/or if they improve the selection. Also, i haven't tried any other plans so i really have no basis for comparison.
This is a great report! Thank you!!

I've been looking at the PurFoods Gluten-Free program as an option for when/if I decide I'm finished with BistroMD (not yet... still loving it, so no reason to change yet). I've heard the portions are a wee bit small, so it's good to know that you felt fulfilled.

I agree about the downside of the home delivery stuff--packaging--and all that, but I figure I'm not getting in the car and driving to the market, not using up grocery bags that sit in a landfill or (hopefully) get recycled, so maybe it all balances out in the end. Certainly, there's less packaging in general if you think about all that it would take to make up those "dishes" (like, each veggie bought would be in a clear plastic veggie bag from the produce section; meats in styrofoam container with plastic wrap; eggs in a carton) and what you save in water from having to rinse your veggies, electricity to cook the food from scratch vs. just heating up what they've already done. And then there's NO packaging for fast foods at the drive-thru, since you're not doing that anymore, right?

I guess my point is, the carbon footprint LOOKS like a big deal, but actually it really does even out, I think.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experience, as it helps me as I'm looking at all of my options, down the line.
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