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I understand what you mean by being a 'recovering fat person' when you hit your goal weight. Maybe it's true that we all will be 'recovering fat people' instead of 'skinny'. But I'd like to put an idea out there...

To me, labeling myself as 'a recovering fat person' would be a negative thing. Even now, at a size 16 I don't EVER call myself fat. And I don't like accepting my body the way it is. I am actually pretty tired of people saying that. If we all accepted our bodies then we wouldn't be here doing the work to change them. Do I love my body? Heck yeah!! But I don't accept one ounce of my obesity.

But when I hit my goal I will be a skinny person! I will hardly ever talk about how I used to look. I will not hang pictures with myself looking like this. I won't be in denial, but I don't want to set myself up for going back to the way things used to be. Your brain is a powerful thing. If you feel now that you are doomed to always be 'a recovering fat person' then you'll never want to make it the whole way, because what's the point? But the truth is that everyone has the ability to be skinny, and genetics and metabolism are no excuse. Some have to work harder than others and eat different things, but everyone can be a low body fat percentage- everyone. And you must believe that one day you'll be 'skinny'!

I'm looking forward to being skinny and having people ask me how I keep that way!

So anyways, those are just my thoughts. Not sure if that made sense?
- Michelle


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