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Default A sort of Smack in the Face!

I'm not taking it as a bad thing, but kind of was taken back a bit this morning while in the shower...

I always shower after I exercise. I use it as a bit of me time (with 3 kids around all day long, I don't get much of that!). Lately I have been thinking of how great it will feel when I'm down to x pounds and then even better when I'm at y pounds. This morning I was at goal, and suddenly I realized "I will never be a skinny person, I will someday be a recovering obese person". Part of me was kind of depressed about that realization... but then I realized it was a greater accomplishment than just being a skinny person.... I will have been the mountain (notice I didn't say to the and returned to the beach. Not that the mountain is a bad place to be, but the beach is so much more ummmm tropical.
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