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S/C/G: 210/165/145

Height: 5'7.5"


Aly was I think 230 when she started and, according to nbc website, is 5'5". To beat someone like Roger she'd have to get down to like 125 which just seems like too much. She looks fantastic at 149 and I can't imagine her wanting to go below 130.

Kelly on the other hand started at 271 and is like 5'3" so she'd probably have a better shot at matching Rogers %.

I was so happy for the girls last night...I dunno why the boys were so shocked they pulled it off since neither of them have dropped below the yellow line as an individual.

As for the boys, it wasn't their strategy at the challenge that drove me nuts, but the way they were EATING the food. Like...way to rub it in and act like cocky, arrogant children. It was so tactless. Just play the challenge. I don't see what was to be accomplished by them stuffing their face with pizza and fries. That really irritated me.

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