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I'm actually glad I got out of LAWL when I did. I did the program for about 3 months. When I signed up I was pressured to purchase the LA Lite bars in bulk. Being a health nut, I asked to see the ingredients. They had to dig and dig through drawers to get this info, and when I looked the first ingredient was High Fructose Corn Syrup, and the second was soy. I actually confronted the woman and said "this bar isn't healthy. The first ingredient is sugar." And then she said eating two bars a day would keep my craving for sugar down. After some exchanging of words I was being pressured VERY heavily to buy them in bulk so I made up a story. "I'm partially allergic to soy. Eating these every day would make me dizzy." Well at that the girl had to get the manager to 'approve' me for following the plan without the bars. The manager then labelled me as a 'medical' client and wrote some things on my chart. It was completely rediculous.

After about $300 into the plan I cancelled and wound up paying for 6 months I didn't use. Their plan was nothing more than the typical 'eat healthy, 5 meals a day' and wasn't anything special. It seemed like the biggest money-making diet center I've ever tried. The only legitimate one I've ever tried was Weight Watchers. It didn't work for me but they seemed very honest and without a lot of commercial foods. I feel bad for all those people who will never get paid back for their investment in the LA Lites and services from LAWL.
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