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This is an older thread so I don't know if anyone is still looking but I got my Fluidity program back in January so I thought I would pipe in here as someone who's been doing it a while. I really love it. Still doing it 3 times a week and am about to embark on the second (intermediate) level. If you don't feel like you've gotten a workout unless your so sore you can hardly get out of bed the next day you won't like this program. I honestly didn't think I had done the moves correctly because I wasn't sore the next day but after only the first week I felt stronger and more flexible.

I really like this particular program because they actually give you 3 examples to follow depending on your capability rather than having a whole "class" all working at the same level - which is invariably a higher level than me and makes me feel inadequate.

Those "flat back" seated leg lifts are killer and almost made me feel I'd picked the wrong program because, initially, the biggest problem I had with this move was that my big old tummy kept flopping in the way of all that extra thigh and blocking me from completing the moves but I hung with it (although I admit I did hang on to the carton for a whole month "just in case"). I'm in the middle of my 10th week and am really surprised at how much difference an inch off my thighs and 2 1/2"s off my tummy make as far as being able to make progress with this one. Still can't quiiiiite get the knees to actually touch around the tummy but almost

Bottom line - If you are serious and can make yourself stick with a program it works great.

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