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Offering a little clarification here re: Centers closing.

LAWL is a slightly separate entity from Pure Weight Loss. LA came first, then one of the owners wanted to do things differently (LAWL is a franchise) and started to use the Pure name and had a big corporation in which he, ulitmately, owned it all.
LA is still open in some areas.
PURE (which I joined at the end of September, 2007) closed on January 4th, leaving many of us in the lurch...most with services we've paid for and will never receive and many with products they've purchased but won't ever see.
If you are one of these people, you should contact the PA Attorney General's office, who are currently suing the owner of PWL (Vahan Karian).
He (Karian) has declared bankruptcy and hasn't yet paid anyone back (as far as anything I've heard). But the Attorney General is contending that he knew the business was in trouble and continued to push his employees to sell program and product -- thereby commiting fraud.
Karian's bankruptcy hearing took place on Friday, March 14th in Phila. I had hoped to attend, but couldn't get out of work. I haven't heard yet how it went.
As to the Alli question -- if Karian is to be believed (which I find doubtful), the statement made by the company spokesperson when they closed down had something to do with how difficult it was to stay open in such a competetive market as the weight loss industry. Alli was named as one facet of the competition.

As for me -- I had a great experience with my counselors and have had great success on this plan (have lost the 40 lbs. I originally set out to lose and am trying for a few more), even after the closing of the centers.
I am not, however, happy about the money I'm out for services I will never get.
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