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Default Prolactinoma topic again

It was interesting to read your posts "muffin." I went to a checkup again last week and wound up having a prolactin count that was too low. The doctor wants it up a bit so we are ratcheting back my bromocriptine. It seems I am highly sensitive to it.

As for your query about gaining weight in the face . . . I have not noticed that but it isn't where I normally show weight gain anyway.

The verdict about my health at this checkup was that I have excellent blood pressure and weigh about 20 pounds less than when I began the bromocriptine 14 months ago. And am basically healthy except for this little, uh, brain tumor. I still want to lose about 30 more pounds.

Interestingly, while I was getting my bloodwork done, I met another patient with a prolactinoma, who has been on bromocriptine, on and off, since 1994. She said she had never met someone before me who had one. I am always surprised by the lack of support groups and other such information sharing mechanisms relating to this problem, particularly since my endocrinologist keeps telling me how NOT rare this condition is.

More soon from some of you I hope?
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