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This is my first time to this site and not sure how things work. I am going to have surgery sometime in the next couple of months. Right now I am supose to diet and exercise. If I could diet and exercise I wouldn't need surgery would I? It is very frustrating. I work 8 to 10 hours a day, and am sore and tired when I come home, and hungry! I live in Oregon where it rains all the time....or most of it. The only place here in this small town is Curves and I do not have exercise equipment. How do I get going on loosing and moving. I am at a BMI of 43, and it is hard to move, let alone exercise.
I spend hours reading at the Lab Band site and now here. I don't find any post about how to get started. Didn't anyone else have a hard time....was anyone else very over weight and their body sore and hurts all the time like me? I worry about getting banded and then what. I don't have energy now to exercise will I have energy after?
Please help me out here someone...I can't be the only person like I??
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