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S/C/G: 210/133/120

Height: 5'4"


1. What's your top weight, current weight and target?
Top pregnant weight: 206
Top non-pregnant weight: 171
Current weight: 137
Target: a toned 125-128 (I'll have to see how things look when I get there! FWIW, I'm really "small-boned" even though I'm tallish.)

2. How tall are you?
5'7" and 1/2. I like the 1/2 because I think it entitles me to another 2 pounds or so!

3. What's your family situation?
Husband and two little ones.

4. Where do you live?

5. One GOOD book.
Fast Food Nation

6. One GOOD song.
Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

7. One GOOD TV show.
Project Runway

8. One awesome food you don't want to live without.

9. One weightloss lie you've heard.
Oh gosh, so many. Perhaps: don't bother, you're just destined to be fat -- it's in your genes (perhaps a lie I've told myself more than one others have told me).

10. The best tip you've received with regard to long lasting slimness.
Keep temptation foods out of the house. If you take something out of the pantry/fridge and you're afraid of bingeing, take a reasonable amount and quick throw the rest away. If you're at a restaurant, you've eaten enough and you know you should stop, pour too much hot sauce or an unappetizing amount of salt on the rest. Don't play the torture/will power/"I can control myself, really" game. Just get rid of it.

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