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Hi everyone! I haven't read all the posts yet but think I might be one of the oldest here. I just posted my intro in the general part of the forum but here goes a more detailed one:

PERSONAL INFORMATION: I am 65 years old. I live with my dh of 45 years. I have four grown children and seven grandchildren. I enjoy reading ...mostly the Bible, Christian books and I love mysteries; and I love to travel with my dh...we go south each winter seeking warmer, dryer weather and live in our RV . We also enjoy car and plane trips (but not planes so much any more) staying in our condo timeshares. I enjoy watching mystery dramas on TV like Law & Order, CSI and I also enjoy reality shows esp Survivor and The Biggest Loser. I find the Biggest Loser very inspriing!

DIET / EXERCISE REGIMEN: I am 5'3 3/4" and this morning I weighed 169.5. The way I have eaten to day I expect I'll be back up to 170 tomorrow. This is the biggest I have been in about 7 years but my high was about 187. My doctor says I need to get down to 145 to be healthier and he doesn't mind if I lose more. I would really like to be about 130 lbs. But my first goal is to at least be able to lose enough to be able to find a nice dress to wear to my dd's wedding in September!

Since most of my weight is on my waist and back it is very difficult to find a dress to fit me. My legs are slender. I have never gone in for crazy or starvation diets. I have always eaten pretty health...I just eat too much. Once I lost 33 lbs on the Prism Weightloss Program, I have lost 10-20 lbs a long time ago on what was then called the Free Diet and I have tried Weight Watchers. Mostly what has seemed to work best for me is just to limit my potions and count my calories. My problem is that I am not consistent. I do fine for a while then start eating too much again and gain it all back plus more. When at home I go the gym 5 days a week (most weeks) and get about 70 min. of exercise...40 min. is cardio. We are currently traveling and we walk briskly 6 days a week about 30 min. But apparently this is not enough to help me lose weight.

SPECIAL HOPES / ASPIRATIONS / ACHIEVMENTS / CHALLENGES: I think I have included most of this already. I just want to lose weight to stay healthy and be able to find clothes to fit. I have type II diabetes but am controlling it with the diet and exercise at this point and want to stay in control. Recently we got a new scale and I know it agrees more with the doctor's (no wonder I always weighed so much more when I'd see the doctor!) but this discouraged me so much I kinda gave up. I need to get back on track. I am hoping the support of this forum will help me.

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