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Can I jump in?? I once "did" SB---I think it was about 5 years ago right after the book came out. I went off it and don't really remember why now...maybe just got bored or didn't have the support. It doesn't really matter I guess because I'm back now. I'm insulin resistant and have found that for me, WW and low-fat plans don't work. I did some on-line research along with some other reading and "low-carb" and South Beach kept coming up. The low-carb didn't seem right to me as they were very restrictive and SB is a bit more like real life.
I began Phase 1 last Friday and so far I think it's going pretty well. I find I need to have my small snacks in mid-morning and mid-afternoon. I had the headache the first couple of days and that's now gone. I have an accountibility coach so will do my first weigh-in this Thursday since being on this plan. I might add, I also do some exercise as that's "key" especially with being insulin resistant.
I just had a conversation this morning with a gal at my gym about all this. I told her that I really am envious of people who can go on most any food plan (or diet) and lose the weight readily. People in my position have a hard struggle! But in re-reading "the book" the good Doctor says he formulated this plan just for insulin resistance! So with working the plan and the support on this site....I do hope for some success!! I'd love to hear what others feel since being on SB!!!
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