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I do agree that in a way it's insane how much weight they lose in a month, or even a week (20lbs+ in a WEEK is insane). But then again, most of these contestants are starting off very heavy, and I assume being locked up on a ranch with no outside pressures (work, kids, bills, etc.), it can be quite easy to drop the lbs. They have a personal trainer with them everyday to help them along the way and while they have temptations, they also seem to eat healthy low fat/carb/calories (like said) meals everyday. Considering someone who is obese or very overweight would need a lot of calories to MAINTAIN their weight, cutting out 500-1000 calories isn't as bad as someone who was slighty overweight doing that.

Overall, I don't think the show is promoting unhealthy weight loss, but at the same time I don't think it's realistic in the real world either. For me, it's just a show to learn some tips about diet and exercise and get motivated to lose the weight. I don't get discouraged when I lose only a pound a week because to me, that's incredible.

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