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Default R U Girls Serious?!!!!!!give Me A Break!

hi name is dianne, i'm 26 and have been 92lbs over weight for about 4 years of my life...thanks for falling in love with a wonderful man that makes me feel comfortable..."or at least that's what i say is the reason for the weight gain." i've tried many weight loss suggestions/pills blah blah blah over the years and none seemed to work b/c i did NOT really try to make them work or my heart felt like it was going to explode from all the energy crap in pills. until one day a ran into an old friend who has lost 50lbs in like 5 months or something crazy like that. he told me to check out metabolic research center and they could help my 92lb problem....GUESS WHAT 6-7 MONTHS LATER I'VE LOST MY WEIGHT AND I FEEL ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!! well ladies it was not magic and i couldn't just pop a stupid pill to make my over weight butt off i had to work hard...just like everything else in this world that's worth having.

it really burns me to read some of the below messages talking about how the program does not work...LOL LOL LOL ha i say! you have to be kidding me?! this program was absolutely wonderful! take the pills and drinks...but that' s what suppresses your appetite and keeps your body healthy...duh!! vitamins with compact ingredients cost a money....but when you're loosing your weight in half the time or sometimes 3 x faster then someone who is only uses diet (low food consumption) and exercise isn't it worth it!

i'm doing great...and may i say i have a friend on the same diet and she's not loosing like me and has less to loose then i originally did and guess's because she cheated here and there thinking what could a few extra calories hurt...oh just one shot of alcohol...yadee yadee yadee GIVE ME A BREAK PPL! YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY STICK TO THE PROGRAM AND TAKE THE SUPPLEMENTS AND IT WILL DEFINITELY WORK...IT'S PROVEN SCIENCE!!!! JUST GET TIRED OF NOT CARING ABOUT YOUR CONSEQUENCES..LIVE FOR THE FUTURE NOT JUST THE PRESENT...AND PLEASE QUIT MAKING EXCUSES...! DO IT...FEEL BETTER...MAKE IT HAPPEN AND STOP WAITING FOR TOMORROW.

PS. the program with run you on the low end around $175 a month for the all day pills and drinks only. i highly recommend getting the mrc6 though if you'd like to increase fat loss especially in your legs and butt
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