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Is is spring yet??
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I love water! If there is one good thing I do for my health its drink water! I am always properly hydrated.

There are lots of "studies" out there about how much we should drink.

I personally think more is better! Water is just so darn good for you that drinking extra has its benefits.

They say drink 1/2 your body weight and that is what I do. I just love water and its one of the only things I drink - so its pretty easy for me. When I am thirsty -- I grab a water. (I do drink skim milk each morning and some juice as well).

They also say: If you are overweight you really need more water. They say drink the 6-8 glasses and for every 25lbs overweight you are -- add 1 more glass.

Whatever you do I say drink up! Water can't hurt you so why not. I know when I drink my gallon a day (or so) I have better success in my weight loss journey. And even if I am not losing much each week -- I am not gaining any either. I attribute that to all the water I drink each day.

Just my 2 cents!!

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