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lots of fun!
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i just noticed this little thread, though it would be fun.

Name: tarah

General location: seekonk massachusetts.

Occupation: behavioral assistant (home-based treatment service provider for children and their families throughout RI)

Birthday: october 5, 1983

Marital status: not married but have a wonderful bf

Children/grandchildren: nope.

How long have you been on WW/Flex: um i started 2/4 so about a month.

How much weight do you hope to lose: altogether from starting weight 24 pounds.

What do you do for exercise: not enough ! haha i usually do tae bo and biggest loser workout tapes. i used to go to the gym at least twice a week i would love to get back into that routine. (i'm wasting away my membership!)

What foods help you stay OP: whole wheat! yogurt fruittt stir fried veggies fiber one bars BOCA BURGERS fat free hot dogs *AH i know haha* saladdd with this amazing blue cheese dressing that tastes like a restaurant and only 1 pt for 2 tblsp (maries light blue cheese) mmmm and lots of others i barely feel like im sacrificing on food

Why do you think you'll be successful this time: cause i'm pretty much accountable for it all when COUNTING something.

What is the biggest obstacle between you and success: parties with IN MY FACE yummy food i can't resist. and going out to eat.

How will/did you overcome this obstacle: well the way i see it is that those "parties" happen once in a blue moon. and i can def plan for them. and going out to eat i am def learning to make better choices! and planning for the not able to make such good ones

What do you like to do for fun: cozy up with a good book, hang out with friends, go to movies, go for long drives, concerts, pretty much ANYTHING in the summer i go go go go and can't wait !

What type of music do you like best? i am a music fiend and pretty much love it all.

If you were on a deserted island for a month, by yourself, what 3 (only 3) items (not people) would you want with you? hmmm, a book, sunscreen, and a computer.

Other comments: i love 3FC haha and good luck to everyone!
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