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MSTeacher & Readytobethin - I'm not sure how the ketosis works either. I have never been able to make my stick change colors so now I'm wondering if I haven't been in that "fat burning" phase at all. Which actually is quite disappointing since I have been so good and careful about not eating anything off plan. However, it would probably explain my 1 lb gain today (along with the super work out on Saturday).

Rocki - Don't stress about the gain. A lot of that could also be some extra water so be sure and drink, drink, drink your water this week to try and flush it all out. Also, it was suggested to me by my center that I might want to pick up some B6 because it apparently is a bit of a diuretic and could help with the extra water that my post workout muscles are holding on to. You might want to look into that.

I think someone had mentioned trouble getting all their water in... Here is what has helped me. I purchased two 32 oz Nalgen brand water bottles I keep one at the office and one at home. I pretty much carry one with me constantly and I refill it throughout the day. I also try to have finished at least one full one between breakfast and lunch, another between lunch and dinner and another between dinner and bed. I actually ended up drinking way more than that once I got rolling on that routine.

And I have completely cut out my caffeine so the only fluids I'm drinking are water and my HNS with the occasional Diet Rite Pure Zero (no cals, carbs, caffeine OR sodium). I've noticed now that I get super thirsty (which they say is actually a good sign... when you're not thirsty, you're dehydrated) and want the water all the time. I probably go through a good 4-6 of these bottles a day. Treat your water intake just like your food intake. Put it on a plan and try your hardest to stick to it.

I think I might actually be getting to that part where food really is just fuel to me as well. Sure, I kind of miss some things but I have to say that as far as cravings go, I'm not really having any. I still get hungry sometimes but the things I want to eat are better for me... Like some fruit or some veggies. As opposed to the old me that wanted ice cream and chocolate!

Tomorrow is meeting #2 with the personal trainer. The friend that I went with Saturday met with him today and she said that they didn't work on the legs, just arms, which makes me happy. I am still so freakin' sore that I don't think I could do a lunge or sumo squat to save my life! So I'm definitely looking forward to that now more than I was earlier today.

Oh, and if anyone can explain the ketosis stuff a little better, I know I'm not the only one that would appreciate it!

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