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Today I've had a good day. I bought a guided imagery-healthy eating meditation CD from itunes for $9. It was GREAT. Beverly, I have to agree that there is a benefit to meditation. At first it seems kind of hokey, but the patterns I have for unhealthy eating are sooooo deep seated in my subconscious. And it goes after triggers, like cravings, and comfort eating, trying to train your mind to switch on new feelings. We'll see how it goes. I think I'll listen to it before bed, because I like to listen to my ipod as I'm going to sleep.

Then I did about 35 minutes of Biggest Loser cardio/WATP.

Tonight I'm going to make asparagus soup. I had chickpea/broccoli casserole for lunch. And I just ate a smoothie after the workout. I want to work in some weights tonight once I recover.

Ginger, you're awesome. There were some GREAT things you did on the weekend. Where did the motivation to exercise come from? Almost 1.5 hrs on the elliptical?? That's hardcore. You should be proud of yourself. And what is your husband doing, offering you potato chips! That's so not cool.

Purple, that's great that you're doing what you need to do. Yay for your daughter and her back handspring! Yea, actually, I only weigh in once a week. Last night I checked because I was cursing myself for eating too much. I think I have a bum scale. But, I guess it is consistently off. =D

See you guys later!
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