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Default Motivation vs. Commitment

Argh I'm having difficulty quoting from another thread to this one so I'm just pasting it here. I also can't put the link in because the link is from a search result.
These two comments really resonated with me when I read them.

Heather said in the thread "Can't Get Motivated"

"No one else can give you motivation, unfortunately. Actually, I find motivation to be overrated. There are LOTS of days I am not motivated to do what it takes. I find COMMITMENT -- to a plan that WORKS FOR YOU -- to be more helpful."

Misti in Seattle added:

"I agree with you 100%!!!!! A LOT of the time I don't feel any motivation... but it is commitment and determination! My one day to sleep in is Saturday.... most of the time I feel motivated to lie on my butt in bed a bit... but my commitment is to get up and go do two hours of water aerobics. This week the early pool time is closed so my friend and I are still going to meet at our usual 6:30 AM and go walk her gigantic hill and back (one hour walk). Motivated.... argghhh no! But do I want to be able to wear those size MEDIUM pants I bought yesterday which I can get up but are too tight... YES!!!

But I digress... motivation is a fickle feeling at best. Commitment keeps me going!"

This reminds me of the old saw - what's the difference between involved and committed?
At breakfast, the chicken is involved and the pig is committed.

So commit, and motivation will come.
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