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I also am now a happy so far PFFS diet plan. I LOVE how you can enter in your likes and dislikes and then when you select your food, it highlights it if it is something you might not like. Very very cool. Food is identical to DY with some modifications of choices (no meat loaf that I can see for example which makes my DH sad LOL) But so far so good. I like that it is shipped from Iowa which is close to me so my meals arrive really fresh. They got picked up from the plant on Monday night and I had them on my porch by early Tuesday afternoon. The ice was still solid. As it warms up this could be a consideration. If it ever warms up that is. LOL
Anyway, I love the likes and dislikes thread that the DY board had because it really warned me away from some scary stuff. So, what are your favorites if you have any yet? I love the Cheesy penne pasta. I think it's the parsley in it and that the cheese is stringy and real instead of too saucy.
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