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Originally Posted by michelle127 View Post
I think the center is what makes or breaks this MRC experience. My center is pretty bad I must say...

The expense is not so bad if you can limit buying the supplements that I really have no faith in at all. I spent almost 400 for a 17 week program and about 50 a week for protein drinks. However, the diet is VERY limited and gets SO BORING!! I needed MRC to have hope and faith in myself. In that regard it was/is invaluable. Now that I believe that I can indeed lose this weight, I may ditch it in July and move to South Beach on my own. SB has more options.

If you are interested in MRC there is an ongoing thread under "general diet plans" where we all moan, groan, celebrate, and confess.

Michelle Iam sorry your center is so bad, the center I go to is wonderful, does your center offer cooking clasess? If so have you gone to any? My center does have faith in me and in ever person who is part of there center. The diet is only as limited as you make if, the cook book has some great recipes in there add spices to your food, did you know if you take ground turkey breast and add steak seasoing to it will tasted like saugaue, have you had pizza for breasfast, cheese cake, how about chill, have you tried buaffol which to me is better than cow,just don't over cook it. Think twice about ditching it in July is there another center in your area you could transfer to? MRC in there to help you beleave that yes you can do it, but the thing is you have to beleave in yourself and have faith in you no one can do that for you but you, there are there for support help keep you on track. It would be super if all centers could be the same or I should say like the one I go there, they would there for me thew my highs and my lows and my in betweens, Suzi show me that there are people out there that really care that you make it in what your doing, there is so much more to weight loss than just weight loss, this is what I went thew ;stage 1 when you start loosing its wow this is great this reallys works, Iam really doing it, stage 2 I started getting anger I did not know why, I was blowing up every time I turn around, becaues the center and the way they care about people Iam working on this with a thepist who told me I should of been seeing some one when I started the program because there is a lot of reason we get over weigh in the first place when we hide for things we eat instead in the past instead of showing anger I would eat very large dish of ice cream or a 7oz bag of chips , I kept telling myself you just a little over weight you look good yeah right I was at a one time high of 268lbs , when I started MRC i weight 253 I thought I was happy, thats what I show everyone yes Iam happy go lucky, when really I had very low self esteen, but because of Suzi and the very caring staff there at MRC my therpist and the hard work I did for myself Iam a better person today, I still have things to work on but I loss a 100lbs and 110inches, so beleave in you have faith in yourself no one can have that for you but you, you can get support , but the faith is in you. And as far as the diet goes its only as limited as you make it. Take care and good luck!
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