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Now all the rest of you old timers, get your buns back here and post!

When my daughter went to court on May 6th, there was a bench warrant for the arrest for everyone who had been in the cell she was in, for a big fight. One of the girls got beat up pretty bad and so everyone there at that time was put back in jail until the facts could be sorted out. She is out again, (Thank Goodness, she had nothing to do with the fight), I have no idea where she is living, but do know that she is supposed to be working at Pizza Hut. I have heard through the grapevine that she is doing well and is OFF all drugs! I pray that is true!

My granddaughter, Allura, scored 100 on both Reading and Math on the TAAS test. I'm really proud of her. She wants to come up here for the Summer, but both my son and I have told her no. I would sure like to see her for a couple of days though.

My DIL has a new job. Don't remember if I told you or not. She is in charge of purchasing for all the shops at the Houston Airport. Can't remember what her title is. She has a staff and a big office all her own. That young lady is doing just great. My son, Dean, has changed his rate in the Navy. He is now officially a computer geek! HaHa He will be going to Great Lakes for some training in a month or so. He is working on his Bachelors Degree in Computers all the while he is in the Navy.

Well, (DRUM ROLL PLEASE), I WEIGH 229 NOW!!!!!!!! Didn't think it would ever happen, but everyone is beginning to notice now. Sure is a good feeling to have someone tell me that I look skinny! HaHa

Talked to my younger sister on the phone a few days ago and told her I was going to box up all my clothes that are too large for me and send them to her. She says she feel like Christmas is coming!

Hugs, Judy
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