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I know it's not Monday (feels like Monday to me, though after the long weekend), but here is something to cheer you up:

MOANDAY: No explanation needed here. I moan just thinking
about it.

TWOSDAY: Second day of the week. I sure could use a double
shot of something.

WHENSDAY: When's this day gonna be over? When it is, we will
be passed the halfway mark!!! Reason to celebrate!

THIRSTDAY: Developing a thirst for the weekend....dreaming
of a Michelob Moment!

FRYDAY: My brain is fried, might as well finish the job....
Lets get drunk!

SADDERDAY: many Michelob Moments last night.
What's even sadder, my wife locked me out of the house and
I had to bunk with the dog. S'okay, got a 12 pack, the dog
doesn't touch the stuff, so its mine...ALL MINE!

SUNDAY: Dang that sun is bright. When did I install a window in
the dog house!

I am not being very good on my weight loss program. Just kind of hanging in there - no gaining, but not losing, either. That's not a bad thing, but I would like to lose the last 10 pounds.

This weekend we will be going to Calgary to get away from everything. I'm not sure whose idea that was because we don't have anyone at home anymore, but it sounds good. Hubby has a conference in Calgary next week, so I am planning to stay there for the 3 days of the conference and catch up on some school work. Also need to get together with his SIL there to finish planning his mom's 90th birthday party next month. We're thinking about a family golf tournament (oh yeah, she goes golfing every day), and a few other things. If anyone has any ideas, please share.

Well, gotta run here. I have to get busy at work...
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