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Default Here you go guys!

Hi guys,
Now to the each and everyone of you's. First of all Judy had asked if The Thin Group was dying out. I don't think that it is honestly. We can't let it guys. I am back and even though I have been traveling and will be as well I still will try to post whenever I can, even if just a line or two like you guys do. Thanks for keeping up the homefront guys. Jello, Peggy, Judy and CJ and everyone else who have been posting when they can. Yes you are right Judy, we have been through too much together all these years. I think it has been over 3 yrs for me since I first found this wonderful group. Everyone get in here and let us know you are still alive and kicking guys. WE MISS YOU! Thanks to everyone who has missed me, I missed each and everyone of you's and thanks to Judy, CJ and Peggy especially.

Judy-Good for you starting the new thread. I knew you could do it and I know it feels great doesn't it? Now you get to be BRATTED to kingdom come. LOL BRAT BRAT BRAT and more BRAT! Doesn't that feel good too? It sounds like you are doing better and that boarder/handyman you have living there is a blessing I'll bet around the place. Wow good job, you sure are going in the right direction arn't you? I am so proud of you girlfriend. How did you daughters court date go on May the 6th. Did you go to it or maybe you didn't feel like going. I am sorry for all you have had to go through. ((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))

Mary Kay-Hey there, glad to see you still around as well. So sorry about you Mom and she will be in my thoughs and prayers too that your Mom gets her kidney transplant and they will let you do it when the time is right. Hang in there MK and I know you are there for your Mom too.

Sweet Tooth-Wow way to go on your weight loss. My gosh you sure have been doing wonderful and to think that your jeans are that small. I could only wish I could be that small and have a problem finding ones small enough to fit. YOU GO GIRL! Don't be lonely Peggy I am here and soon some more ladies will join me. RIGHT LADIES? I sure hope so cause I miss you so much too.

Jello-Oh Jo don't feel so bad, I think I got you beat in that department. You said you have been a member for a couple years? Well I have been in around 3 years and Ken and I figured with the $ I spend in this program the last few years we could have had a cruise for all I have spend on the meeting fees. LOL You are NOT I repeat NOT a quitter. I have often though about dropping out of the program as well and don't ask me why I don't but I just am staying and hope I get on the ball to get all the way down where I should be. But you can do it ANYWAY you want to Jo. Whatever way works best for you should be the way you do this. I know you can do this cause you have all the good habits like drinking the water and counting points ect so you can do this, just keep at it.

Carolyn/CH-You have also done an amazing job on the WW program, wow 34 lbs is great and is about what I have lost so in MUCH less a time than I have so kudo's to you for all you have accomplished.

CJ-Hi Carol, so good to see you when we all met for dinner. I guess there is no chance of getting together this time around since you are going to the cabin. But oh well, that is alright and I loved seeing you again when we did. Thanks for the email and will send one back at you soon I promise you. Hope Dick will feel better soon and get rid of that gosh darn flu he has.

Regency919-Oh my gosh Carolyn, you sure are a sight for sore eyes. I am so glad you came back to the fold. Missed you and any chance of your sis Joanna coming back as well? Glad you are finally getting your diabetes under control. Keep it all up and soon you will have licked this whole thing. Thanks so much for the imfo in Joanna and Tim and tell her to come back here and post cause we all love here around here. You are still doing awsome in your weight loss and have come so very far. Good for you!

Sylvia-You don't need a butt kicking, cause I think you have been doing really well since losing that weight and being off too. Most people gain when they stay home, so give yourself a big pat on the back. Don't be in a funk, you are doing so well and I am so proud of you too.

Dreamer-Hey Sam, so great to hear from you. Sounds like you are doing really well. Thanks for the update. I just can't belive that Charlotte is already a year old. My gosh it seems like you had her just yesterday. I can't wait till you have the new baby, yes let us know the sex of the baby too. Can't wait to find out. Whatever you have, I am sure it will be so loved as you love Charlotte.

Well time to get off here and get to bed. I am still working for the Early Childhood Longitudal Study and have been going to the local schools in Indianapolis as well as doing the parent interviews so I have been keeping busy between my traveling and the work.

Take care everyone and will talk to you soon.

Love you, Sassy Sharon
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