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I ordered a sample pack about a year or so ago.

Verdict? They do taste good -- but can't say as I lost any weight with them. Me, I need volume - I would rather have a large amount of food for the same calories as a little Lite Bite bar. And, for what you get and when you include S&H (as well as the state tax that I get charged when I order from QVC for some reason - even though I'm in California) to the price, they must be making a great deal of profit. I just sampled the new Power Bar Harvest bar that just came out, and they seem similar - not to mention a bit cheaper... JMHO though.

If you do order them as a means of losing weight, I would drink a BIG glass of water along with the bar, that will give you a feeling of fullness.

One thing I would DEFINITELY NOT order again from QVC is that "For Women Only" 30 day diet system sold by Dr. Shari Lieberman. I ordered two of those about 2 years ago and in two weeks realized that they were absolutely useless...thank goodness QVC has the 30-day guarantee - I returned the unused one and at least got 1/2 my money back. What a rip!!!

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