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Default Mini-Goals

My first mini-goal is not about numbers.... it's about what I'm drinking & eating. I need to declare this 12-pack of Diet Coke my last.... I need to put it aside for good.

My next mini-goal is to sit down and make out a sensible meal plan. I need to take inventory of what I have on hand, and then pick up some staples.

My first "numbers" mini-goal is for the 4th of July. By that time, I would like to take off 10 pounds. That would bring me down around 250. I say "around", because my scale is not too accurate or dependable. It tends to jump around quite a bit. I would like to be feeling better about myself. I live in Wisconsin, where summers bring camping, fishing, picnicing.... And I want to enjoy it all, darnit! LOL!!!
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