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I personally do not buy into it, but I have one friend who grew up not being allowed to drink with meals (and she continued that way through adulthood). She, incidentally, had always struggled with her weight (I haven't seen her for years, so I don't know if she is still struggling). Another friend would not allow her children to drink their milk until after their meals only because the kids would drink all their milk and then say they were full. The milk was more of a reward for finishing the meal. Those kids are still bean poles and incidentally, they have a very large "repertoire" of food that they eat--they aren't picky at all like most kids. Then there is my SIL who would let her kids drink 2 or 3 glasses of milk with dinner and then announce they were full (mainly because they were very pick eaters and wouldn't touch the actual food). They are typical teenagers now--still a little picky in their eating habits, but they no longer drink their fill of milk to get out of eating.

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