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JayEll thanks for that post. I think I have watched my last biggest loser forever. I do not want to be part of what goes on in that show. I am not a 'reality show' watcher to begin with. While there is some good information on that show all of that is available in many places including here.

But I do not like how the contestants are treated. Why hold contact with family over their heads as some kind of 'reward'? Why have yelling screaming trainers? Why for all intents and purposes encourage the water loss practices? Why take advantage of people who mostly are there to get healtier? And why when you are making millions in profits are you not paying these poor people who make you those millions something halfway decent for all their time and sacrifice?

Granted they know most of what will happen to them before they sign up. But they are also in a vulnerable state of wanting to lose weight. So treating them like other reality show contestants is not cool. I wonder if the producers, trainers, production staff, and host of the show, rich as they are, get some extra perverse pleasure when they are cashing their checks that the people who are actually suffering and making them all that money are treated so badly?

In any case, Biggest Loser is a BAD EGG, and I am done with it. Nothing at all new in the good things they are saying and a lot of bad in how the people are losing the weight and how they are treated. I do not need the show and I am no longer going to be a part of it by watching in any way.

Thanks for all the info.