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Hi everybody,

Lorelei...YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!! I am so proud of you. I remember you at the first of the year over at yahoo. I was pulling for you then, and I'm ecstatic that you are here with me, too! Yeah, the cereal would be boring after a while, but to get you started off, I think it's great.

Bella, your goal is excellent! Yeah, it might seem small, but when you reach it, it will just make you want to DOUBLE it!! And you will.

I'm finished decorating hats, now we have to go down to the dining area this eve and put decorations on the tables, I'll be taking some pix, so maybe I can post them (one) somewhere. Gotta go and rest up for decorating.

Hi to everybody else...whats up, all?

Love, Gayle
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