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Hi Ė

Iím Jill. I just turned 32 on New Year's Eve. I've lived in the Des Moines, Iowa area for most of my life and am surrounded by friends and family. I have a degree in Finance from Drake University and am a Senior Financial Analyst at a major insurance brokerage. I love my job.

Iíve been engaged to a wonderful man for the last 3 years. He is also 32, a few weeks older than me. He and my mother are my main supporters through my weight loss journey and every day I thank God that I have him. He is a chef and spent some time studying in France. Whenever the whole food preparation thing gets too much, I just hand my food journal over to him and heíll take care of it for me. Itís like having a personal chef. I keep saying that this is how Oprah mustíve done it.

We donít have kids yet, but want them in the very near future. Right now we are just spoiling our 2 labrador retrievers rotton. We have a purebred chocolate lab named Harry and a black lab named Jed that we rescued from a local shelter. They are huge, crazy and the loves of my life. We also have 4 cats.

I love live music, traveling, reading and dancing. I enjoy spending time alone at home just as much as I do going out w/ my friends.

I was always thin, beautiful and active growing up. I actually used to be a dancer. Around my mid-twenties I was in a bad relationship and apparently just quit caring about myself. Iím still working on figuring out what exactly happened. Since I was 21 Iíve put on 230+ pounds. Totally out of control.

Iíve done every single diet out there. Most of them a couple of times. I have never felt as energized and satisified as I have on LAWL. I really believe that this is it for me and Iím thrilled. I canít wait to get my life back.
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