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Default Alternachicks Chat - February 2008

My goodness, look at me, forging ahead to the new month.

It makes me feel that I should write a tad more positively than my original intent upon logging in. Probably a good idea...

So, it's February now. I lost 3 pounds last month. Of course, not nearly what I wanted, however, what with the thinking positively and everything, it's better than having gained. So I'll take it and own it.

I've been in a terrible funk. Last weekend I dislocated my shoulder for the first time since having surgery on it in 2004. I was able to manipulate it back in place, fortunately. It hurts like a m*er f*er and has severly curtailed my activities. (Much to the disappointment of my dogs. In protest, Fritz chewed up The Buddha yesterday. This cannot be good for his karma!) I made a fast appointment with the surgeon who "repaired" my shoulder. He made a nasty face and has referred me to a colleague. I feel like I was shunted to the "problems" department, or sent to the vice-principle.

I have also discovered that I am apparently one of the very few people who experience a rash of red bumps on my face that itch like crazy in reaction to the sleepy drug Lunesta. Oh, it's lovely. But hey, I shall embrace this as an opportunity to learn something new about myself.

Goals for this month: focus, lose 5#, complete a couple of projects around the house, ace job interview next Monday, feel wonderful, stop scowling, spread cheer, conquer the universe etc.

How are you guys doing?
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