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I absolutely LOVE IT, LOVE IT , LOVE IT!!! It is not expensive and if you add up all the meds you can quit taking or never start taking, you really save money doing the Metabolc program. I did get the cook book mentioned above and at the center I went to it was only $12 not $30.

I had great ladies at my center that helped me with making sure my food was good. They even had cooking classes and let us taste the recipes they cooked sometimes and that was even free... not a dime. plus it was food that I already bought and cooked for my family... cant be any better than that..

I think the people complaining about the money either did not follow the plan and so they did not lose the weight they wanted.. because I did. and it was worth every single dollar I spent.

My blood pressure meds for a year, that i was able to get off of after losing the weight, paid for my program almost... so no more meds and losing weight the easy way was great for me.... plus the ladies were very helpful at my center in louisiana....

There is no magic fix anywhere,,, you have to be willing to do what they tell you to do because they know from doing the program for themselves.

the people complaining just dont want to do the work to lose the weight for themselves.... they need to think about their kids and familhy
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