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Default Want to build a fair bit of muscle- how is this book: New Rules Of Lifting For Women

Well i'm 16 years old. After loosing about 20 pounds, I now weigh 102. i am 5 foot 2 inhes. I want to be a fairly built girl with nice hard abs. At the moment my body fat is 20% i used the military tape method.

I want to lower my body fat and build a fair bit of muscle (I want to look like jillian micheals).

I wanted to know if this book (New Rules Of Lifting For Women) is right for me.

Also could i drink whey protien shakes. Also how many calories should i be eating a day to lower my body fat but build muscle. Right now i eat 1300 a day.

Although i weight 102 which is small for my height My stomach sticks out a fair bit (1-1.5 inches more than a flat stomach) also my thighs are preety huge.

Will these go away once I lower my body fat percentage. I really want to have a ripped body. I dont mind gaining muscle mass. i just want a lower body fat percentage. 15-17 percent idealy


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