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Good morning ladies! I know I have been a bit MIA the last half of the week, but work and home have been hectic! I am working a part time job at night to get some bills paid off and we had bf's kids this weekend and I just have to say to all the ladies out there with kids in the house.. I feel your pain! It must be hard as **** having kids around and staying on plan. I nearly had to saw my hand off to stop from eating one of the chocolate chip waffles I was serving them for breakfast...ugh...AND they wanted to bake brownies. I wasn't perfectly OP, but I think I resisted temptation quite well. The good part about them being here is that we took a long walk to the library and back and when I checked to see how long our walk was, I discovered it was 3.25 miles! Woohoo!

Tomorrow is my first weigh-in since skipping last week for TOM and I am nervous. I have a feeling I won't see much of a change... Wish me luck ladies!

aud - I don't think I have ever seen Living La Vida Low Carb, but it sounds like a fun way to avoid some work later, hee hee.

Bouncing - First of all, I wouldn't call 34 lbs modest at all! You should definitely give yourself much more credit than that. 34 lbs is fantastic and quite an accomplishment I think! I do, however, know what you mean about your body image. Hopefully some of the ladies will be able to offer advice as I think I could use some of the same, but in the mean time I hope you keep up the fantastic work!

Mini-Goal 31 lbs lost by 01/19/10!

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