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Great job! Hopefully I'm not far behind you! I got some practice at maintenance during the holidays and I think I learned that it is possible to keep the weight off. We even went on a cruise and I was amazed at how easy it was not to go completely crazy. So much junk just wasn't that appealing anymore.

As far as body image goes, I still look at my size 16 jeans (down from 26) when i'm putting them on and think that they will never fit (even though they do everytime!). Have you seen the new Lifetime show "How to look good Naked"? My favorite part of the show is when they line up a bunch of women from smallest to largest and tell the person they are making over to put herself in where she belongs. She always misjudges herself for bigger. Apparently this problem is not just with those of us who've lost weight but with a lot of women in general. We concentrate on an area we don't like and make it bigger than it is. I am trying to learn to see myself truthfully, but's it's a slow process.

Keep up the good work!
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