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I tried to see what was in these products, but came up empty handed everywhere I looked. I really don't understand why ingredients are so difficult to find! What if someone is allergic to one of the those listed, for example? Anyway, I have got to say this is the first supplement I've not been able to find them for, so I'm really suspicious. And I also have a friend that consults for Arbonne. i emailed Arbonne from their website about the Figure 8s and I will post the ingredients as soon as I get them.

One thing you can do if you want to hear from someone who has tried the item is what I do....... go on ebay, search for any auctions listing the item, look under that sellers' feedback for somebody who bought the same thing from them in the past, and then email them saying something like "I was thinking about trying this and I see that you got this item before. I don't want to waste any money on something that may not work, and this will totally stay between you and me, so I was just wondering how these (whatever it is) worked for you, or if it did at all." What that does is let you hear from real people who bought it, of course if nobody here has, and not testimonials I did this for a water pill recently cause the Diurex is not working for me, and I still feel bloated. The water pill really seemed good, but the emails' I received back all said it didn't do anything for them. Saved myself $30

Anyway I will post back when Arbonne responds, and in the meanwhile if you want, try the ebay trick I talked about; Figure 8 is on there.

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