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Woo! 1/2way there!
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well i made it, but my luggage didn't

the case with my sewing machine, fabric, tools and the curtains and valances i made for my mom is missing. i'm still hoping it just got lost in Newark's crappy system and will magically show up at my parent's door sometime very soon.

here's how the trip went down:

it was a 6am flight and i was running late so didnt have my usual egg and no sugar puffed wheat cereal. i figured i'd have the snacks i packed i could eat once i was settled on the plane. so on continental they still serve meals, and went around with sugary cereal and milk. i got my bag and rooted around for my snacks and after lots of digging and not-so-under-my-breath cursing, realized i left the whole baggie in the fridge. i felt like crying!

then i looked at my seat mate's little tray and saw she got a banana as well, so i asked for a skim milk and banana and that was actually pretty good.

then when i got to newark i found a McD's (somewhere i havnt gone to in maybe 6 years!) and got a plain ceasar salad. i brought a little tin of sliced tuna in water that opens like sardines and drained that in the trash and had a pretty good lunch! i'm sure i got some weird looks but i had lunch to accomplish in 20min to catch my connection so i was focused!

that protein bomb got me through till dinner with my mom at a restaurant in Albany that had a great salad bar and minestrone soup without potatoes and big pasta i picked out.

so if my darn case would show up i'd say i got through it all pretty well! thanks for all the tips, i actually did go to Newark's website and checked all the restaurants.

i further checked McD's nutritional info (because there was one in each concourse and i didnt know where i would end up) and found the salad was pretty good. the one i had was fresh, made with romaine and baby greens (arugula! seriously, at McD's) carrots, cukes, tomatoes and red cabbage. i didnt use any dressing since i put the tuna on with salt and pepper and that's how i usually eat the same thing at home.

now to deal with 2 weeks at the parent's with post holiday cookies and candy still sprinkled all around the house!
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