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Default Ways to spice up breakfast?

Trying to find some new ways to make breakfast interesting. I usually do egg whites with a bit of ketchup, cheerio's, cottage cheese, greek yogurt or a protein shake when I have no desire to eat but need something. I'm getting sort of tired of the monotony of breakfast and I have decided I need something to shake it up a bit. I was hoping everyone could share something they enjoy doing to make breakfast fun and filling! I'm thinking of trying a salsa with my eggs, or maybe veggie omelet over the next few days.
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Regularly eat 2 medium cooked eggs (steamed in my egg genie), over toasted pumpernickel. With himalayan pink sea salt on top. A little fresh fruit on the side. I chop the egg on the toast, and pick it up like a half sandwich. The yolk has just started to turn firm - still a slight bit liquid. White is fully done. If you don't like brown bread Arnold's Healthnut is really good too. And, put a little butter on the toast. Unsalted Plugra is to DIE FOR!

On alternate days, it's Grape Nuts (yes, I know the calories, but it has lots of vitamins and fiber, the sugar solely comes from the malted barley), with blueberries and sliced bananas mixed in. Skim milk.

Sometimes, greek yogurt (plain) mixed with 2-3 Tbsp of grape nuts, stirred with mixed fruits, and a bit wildflower honey.

I find the egg genie works better for me than old-fashioned poaching in a pan.

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Hi there!
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I expanded what I eat for breakfast by tossing out the rules for what should be eaten at what time of day. I can have leftovers from dinner the night before for breakfast, maybe as part of a scramble or on toast (depending on what it is). Or I'll throw leftovers into a tortilla and eat it with some ketchup or something. Similarly, I'll eat 'breakfast foods' for lunch or dinner if I want to.

But I find that not limiting myself to 'breakfast foods' for breakfast gives me a lot more options on what to eat. This morning I had twice-baked sweet potatoes and brown rice. Very tasty.

I'd also suggest oatmeal. You can make a million kinds of oatmeal. Apple, pumpkin, sweet potato, fruit and nut, brown sugar and raisin, coconut, chocolate peanut butter, etc.

But I hear you on the meal monotony. Sometimes it just gets old. :/
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I'd love to see what other people write here. I rotate between a coffee protein shake, 2 eggs with hot sauce (sometimes I'll add cheese, chicken, or veggies depending on what's in the fridge) and oatmeal with peanut butter. It gets boring sometimes!
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I have cereal with almond milk and an egg white omelet (usually with a lox or chicken + veggie filling)- this is my typical go to.

Other options include:
- steel cut oatmeal with a boiled egg or a beef sausage link,
- a couple of slices of french toast with light syrup,
- hummus mixed with minced chicken spread on a pita,
- yoghurt with jam with an egg white omelet,
- a couple of slices of buttered toast with scrambled egg whites and mushrooms
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I seriously eat the most random combinations of food(always, but mostly at breakfast).
Some days I will do the classic eggs with sausage but on other days like today I am sitting at my desk having a bowl full of spinach, sauerkraut, raspberry balsamic dressing and 3 sausage links, and a banana.

I've been on paleo for a little over a month now so I had to get creative! Some mornings I also eat leftovers from dinner.
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I tend to eat the vast majority of my calories in the morning...up to 700. Lunch and dinner are about 250 calories each.

Breakfast for me is usually broken down into two parts-when I wake up at 7am, and when I get to work at around 9am:

2 slices of Ezekiel toast with laughing cow light Swiss cheese
2 eggs

Fage 2% Greek yogurt with honey
Luna bar

Around 10am I have an apple as a mid morning snack.
I love all these things and the luna bar satisfies my sweets craving-I love the chocolate peppermint one and the coconut chocolate one.
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I usually eat soup for breakfast, but I tend to eat breakfast around 11:30 or so. Any foods are great for breakfast, but for "traditional" breakfast I love huevos rancheros, huevos motulenos, shakshouka, omelette (a favorite is green with egg white, fresh herbs, spinach, scallion, and neufchatel cheese). There is nothing more comforting to me than 1/2 cup of sticky rice with a runny egg topping it.

Egg sandwiches are awesome and can be varied like crazy. You just need to pick combos that will work for your diet, like if you pick avocado, maybe skip the meat or go for an egg white to keep the calorie balance.

Bread: High fiber english muffin, high fiber wraps, bagel thins, bread rounds
Meat: center cut or turkey bacon, turkey sausage patties, canadian bacon, ham
Egg: Egg or egg white, runny or scrambled, with chopped veggies or without
Cheese: Sharp, pepperjack, American, swiss, Neufchatel as a spread
Sauce/spread: Sofrito, picamas, salsa, ketchup, sriracha, harissa, tapenade, or TJ makes this great eggplant roasted red pepper spread
Extras: avocado, sun dried tomatoes, grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms, etc.
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I also eat yogurt with fruit/nuts yummmm
This morning I toasted two slices of raisin bread with some almond butter and it was pretty delicious. Probably will have a banana or some sort of fruit in a bit.
and, veggie omelettes and eggs with salsa are a great choice, you should definitely change it up if you are starting to get bored of your current breakfast choices.
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