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Riestrella 10-12-2013 08:47 PM

~*Delicious for Christmas & New Year Challenge 2013*~


Guess what, everyone? Next week it will be 10 weeks until New Years Eve! Which means itís almost 9 weeks until Christmas! Say whuuut? I know my awesome Halloween challenge is still going, but I wanted to get started on this challenge too so we can experience the full 10 weeks together. So those who are still kicking arse in the Halloween challenge, keep going! Just join this challenge at the same time if you desire to be extra badass.

This challengeÖis the hardest challenge of the year. To get to New Years Eve you have to face Halloween candy, Thanksgiving madness and Christmas treats galore. I know in my family the entire month of December is a treat yoí self extravaganza, so please only join if you are going to be dedicated to staying accountable towards New Years Eve. For this challenge, BE REALISTIC! Are you aiming to maintain or lose? Set your standards a little lower for this one, because itís good to enjoy the holidays with family. But itís also good to not go overboard and remember you have an overall goal in life to achieve! One helping of food is enough! Letís keep things in perspective here, people!!

So letís support each other in these trying months and make sure we feel proud by the time 2013 is over and we can say hello to 2014 feeling confident and ready to face the new year!

What do you have to do?

Slap your name on the spreadsheet, put your goal weight over on the right hand side AND THATíS IT! Iíll do the rest, seriouslyÖI will... so donít you be touching anything else! Thatís right sweet heart step away from the lbs lost column I see what youíre trying to doÖ

Each week you weigh in. "What day?" ANY DAY! Monday Ė Sunday. Weighed in a little bit lighter but itís not your official weigh in day? Official weigh in day can go SUCK IT because you weighed a little bit lighter and you can change your weight as long as itís before Sunday. Hells yeah!

Planning on going away during the time between now and Christmas/New Year? No problemo munchkin, simply put a ď-ď in the cells where your holiday is, right click the cell and add a NOTE not a comment. I repeat a NOTE, NOT A COMMENT. Comments get all moved around when people drop out of the competition. If you add a comment and I delete it then it's your own fault for not reading the rules.

If you fail to weigh in for more than 2 weeks you will be moved to standby. "But wait, I wasnít ready to leave!" I hear you cry. Donít worry my sexy candy panda, just come back into the thread and say WHADDUP BRO PUT ME BACK IN THIS GAME YO. Or something similar.

"But wait I just saw this and you guys are already being epic and losing weight, can I join?" Of course you can! Add in your weights if you have 'em and come on in!

ARE YOU READY?! Of course you are. LETíS DO THIS!

anity 10-12-2013 09:18 PM

Yaaaaay, a Christmas challenge! I'm so ready for this! :carrot:

I'd really, really like to have hit my goal by New Year. So that means I need to lose 20 lbs... a bit ambitious, sure, but I'll work hard towards it!

Let's get it started, woo! :D

Edit: I seem not to be able to put my name on the spreadsheet, dunno why.

Riestrella 10-13-2013 12:10 AM

I know what's happened, I'll fix it ASAP!

Edit: All fixed, there's always a setting tucked away I forget to change when I make new spreadsheets! 20 lbs is a big goal, anity, so don't get discouraged if you don't make it - it's a hard time of year to lose weight! But I'm being ambitious too, there's no harm in it as long as you can stay positive =)

WannaBaSkinnybride 10-13-2013 09:08 AM

I'll join! Hopefully this challenge is just the push I need to start being more accountable! I'm setting my goal to lose 20lbs. I think this is realistic enough, because on top of the holidays, it's my birthday on November 1st, and I should be finding out if I'm going to be re admitted to nursing school in the next couple weeks!! ��
I want to add that that my weight now is only a guesstimate. It was my weight 2 weeks ago at my cousins house, my scale broke in a move and I'm still waiting on my overtime check to arrive before I get another :). (Could possibly get tonight!) I'll change my stats after I verify!

Dreamer2012 10-13-2013 09:42 AM

I was waiting for a challenge like this. My goal is to be going to get into a healthy BMI of 127lbs :)

Rated 10-13-2013 11:39 AM

Just joined and my goal is little over a pound a week. I would like to lose more but I know Christmas is going to make it hard. But I plan on going wedding dress shopping at Christmas so I am hoping to lose as much as possible.

WannaB - I noticed your username, are you planning a wedding right now also?

Tohisha77 10-13-2013 01:11 PM

I would love to join!
It's funny because I was actually planing to lose 20lbs by Christmas.

TraumaNurse 10-14-2013 05:09 AM

I'm all about this and since it's a short-ish challenge maybe I'll actually finish for once (I'm the worst). I'm slinking back to the boards for what seems like the umpteenth time. I've been eating whatever whenever but have magically stayed the exact same weight the last couple months so yay to that. After maintaining for a bit I have to get back at weight loss.

Between working full time nights, putting in clinical hours for my program (so basically between my job and that it's like I'm working 60 hour weeks with half being at night and half at day. And boy oh boy is that wrecking havoc on my body, sleep, and mental health). Plus class, plus homework. Le sigh August and the end of grad school can not come soon enough... Since my life is so out of control I need to take back a little bit of it where I can and hopefully refocusing on eating and working out will be just the ticket to keep me sane. I have a goal and a timeline. It's out there so now I have to stick to it.

Thanks for starting the challenge Riestrella!

WannaBaSkinnybride 10-14-2013 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by Rated (Post 4861383)

WannaB - I noticed your username, are you planning a wedding right now also?

Haha. So I created this account when I was with an ex and we had a "deal" that if I could hit my goal weight he would propose.(at this point we had been together almost 3yrs). I'm not sure how but I fooled myself into thinking this was a really romantic gesture. Long story short, we broke up and I shortly after reconnected with my HS sweetheart! We became engaged about 9 months after dating(I've known him for 10+ yrs however) on August 28th, I proposed to him! My ring recently came in and he says he wants to propose (after he said yes to my proposal, he mentioned that he always wanted to be the one to propose, and he was slightly disappointed that I did it instead:( )so I still don't have my ring, but yes we are beginning to plan the wedding. It's going to be a pretty long engagment though as I wanted to wait until after I graduate nursing school. So far we've picked a tentative date (4/16/16)and venue. My username now embarrasses me and does bring back old memories but atleast now I'm actually engaged!lol.
Oh, and Congrats to you on your engagement! :) How far along are you in the planning process?

So I did pick up my new scale and it does body fat, hydration levels, and BMI. I'm happy because it showed my weight at 238.6 but my B.f percent was at 47.6% and hydration level only 36%!!! So I'm severely dehydrated and almost half of me is FAT!! :( super bummed out about this but it's also super motivational!!

lilsquirrel 10-14-2013 10:53 AM

I'm joining!
I think I need a new fresh challenge after the week I've had. You couldn't of timed this better! :D

1lb per week I think. I may have a wedding to go to on New Years Eve so time to buckle down :)

PixelatedTimeMachine 10-14-2013 02:51 PM

I am jumping on board for this one. I could use a little bit of motivation to get seriously moving before the year is out!

skittlesfirehawk 10-14-2013 03:58 PM

Just joined so excited I hope 20lbs in two months wasn't too ambitious.it would sure be great to shock the **** out of my grandmother who won't have see me for 3 months

Rated 10-14-2013 04:35 PM

WannaB - That is so cute that you have re-connected with your high school sweetheart, I am also engaged to mine. We have both gained weight over the course of our relationship so we both have goals for the wedding. We have already been engaged for a year and a bit, with a year to go so we are pretty far in the planning process but I still haven't shopped for a dress since at my current weight I know that wouldn't be a fin experience with my mom (she REALLY disapproves of my weight gain)

That is cool that you have a scale that tells you all that information! The body fat % could really come in handy if you start lifting weights.

skittles - I love shocking people when they haven't seen you in awhile.

Ladybug10 10-14-2013 04:54 PM

Joining! Hopefully this will kickstart my weight loss efforts. Finished with school (FINALLLLLY!!) so now I have zero excuses to not put my efforts into it. :)

Marniadec 10-14-2013 07:36 PM

I'm joining, too! I picked 65 kg/143 lbs as a goal weight for this challenge because then I'll have lost 50 kg/110 lbs and all these numbers are whole (by whole I mean, say, 143 instead of 143.3, I don't know what it's called in english). Also, I like the idea of having lost 50 kg. I had 6 people tell me to stop losing today and I'm bound to get a lot more of that in the next weeks. I'm not where I want to be, though, and I don't want them to convince me. Good luck everyone!

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