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Default Triumphs and Struggles

Everyday we should list something! This helps me to feel accountable!

Triumph For Today: Definitely going to the gym even though I was SO sore all day. Once the weights started moving I didn't even realize I was sore. We'll see what tomorrow brings, but I just felt good!

Struggle: I'm still struggling with desserts. I love chocolate, and my husband loves dessert but I need to have more self control to say no, I'll have some fruit instead, or a glass of chocolate milk
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Default Good idea

Here's mine...

Struggle: Not losing any weight yet (I actually gained a pound today) even though I've changed ALL of my habits: walk every day (sometimes twice), drink tons of water, and eat a lot less than I used to, and only when I'm absolutely sure I'm stomach hungry (so I wait until my stomach really rumbles a while), and only eat enough till I no longer feel hunger, as opposed to until my stomach feels full. I also typically only eat really healthy foods - mostly paleo fruits and veggies and meat. So, why the heck did I gain a pound this week???

Triumph: Despite the constant setbacks, my food relationship has definitely changed. I am disappointed and upset not to be losing weight like I want to, but I won't fall into a bag of chips today, or a gallon of ice cream, or a whopping huge breakfast. I'll experience the disappointment, anger, and despair and comfort myself in other ways, and not feel deprived in any way. I might even go for my walks so I can process everything.
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It's me, Ashleyyy!
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oOoh Fun!

Struggle: I struggle constantly with social habits and getting off track. It is sort of sad to say, but I can't wait until winter so I can stay at home and not have interest in going out for lunch or dinner with friends because it just too darn cold.

Triumph: After a long summer of not losing, or losing and then gaining it back I am back to losing. I have refocused my goals and and ready to get back on the wagon. I have a new milestone on my mind: Onederland. Amazing.
In Sight Goal

First 10 lbs- 280.8 (1/10/13); 20 lbs lost (2/28/13); 10% gone! (3/31/13); Pre-love weight! (240's) (5/31/13); 50 lbs lost (8/23/2013); Highschool Weight (220's); Onderland!; No longer obese-189; GOAL!-160;
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Nice thread

Triumph - Started my exercising today after a few days break due to TOM (I just can't exercise during most of it) even though I really didn't feel like it, and was really happy with my stamina. My feet are hurting less and less and I can jog for longer each time. When I started out I could barely jog for 30 seconds without getting tired, today I did 5 minutes continuously 4 times, for a total of 20 minutes pure jogging. I'm now ready for C25K, so I'll be starting from Monday.

Struggle - I'm so happy with the amount I've lost in a short time, but I'm terrified that when it slows down I'll get discouraged. I'm trying to psych myself up for that time and stay motivated.
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Struggle: Impatience! I feel like when I start exercising and changing my habits for a few weeks I should just be skinny and healthy. I'm feeling better and I know I'm changing my lifestyle, but I'm still not losing any weight.

Triumph: Just what I said reversed, I've changed so many of my habits and kicked so many bad things. I have far to go but I'm moving in the right direction! Oh, and I found an exercise program that I love!

I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.
Psalm 119:32
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What a great thread!

Struggle: My shins have been hurting a lot the past few days; I'm terrified of getting shin splints, but I also don't want to stop dancing until it goes away =(

Triumph: I had a binge yesterday morning, and instead of freaking out, I adjusted my calories for the rest of the day to stay pretty much on track. In the past I would have beaten myself up over "losing control," but now my attitude is that it's better to have a cheat day than feel deprived, and no single day will make or break my weight loss efforts, and am actually really pumped to get right back on plan today!
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hey Espronceda, I was having some pain when I started walking again. I remember when I was much younger and would get that same pain, so I kept thinking, "Oh great...this could be a permanent injury." But darn it, I wanted to keep walking! It made me feel good mentally. I kept going and the pain has gone away and I feel so much better.

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Triumph: Went for a jog of almost an hour today with my father's dog. The dog is short-legged and usually can't keep up with me very well, but today she was absolutely and completely knackered! I had to run back for her several times because she couldn't follow and when I slowed down to put her back on the leash, she litterally just fell over, haha. Outrunning a creature one fifth my size my not be much of an accomplishment, but whatever.

Struggle: Went to MacDonald's after my run. Don't even know why. I feel terrible now. Luckily, my boyfriend is back and there will be no more bad food from now on.
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Struggle: 2 binge days in a row , had super guilt about it and gained 2 lbs, my goal by the 30th was 224.0. So I've got 3 days to drop the water weight..

Triumph: I powered through my rut and self pity, I am doing great with eating, worked out and doing good on water! Ba-boom!

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waisting away
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Struggle: I had to sit next to a cake (close enough I could smell it) for 4 hours in a meeting today. (Also a triumph because I didn't have any.) also struggling to find foods that I want to eat and are on plan.

Triumph: I have worked out like a beast this week. I started at a crossfit gym and did that on M, W, F. Sun, tues, and thurs I ran. Need to keep this momentum going.
"Your past does not equal, nor does it dictate, your future."

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Struggle: Battling my urge to eat even things I don't want has been hard today. Stress is getting to me from work, and I want to eat things as a comfort--I need to figure out how to stop this.

Triumph: Even though I put mac & cheese on my plate from my struggle (currently on a low carb diet) I only had a bite before throwing the rest out. I didn't even like the taste. Same for kettle corn--the moment it touched my tongue, I didn't want it!

Tomorrow, I just hope to do the same thing...
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Struggle: Comfort eating. I've had a rough week and all I want is doughnuts.

Triumph: I walked to work today for the first time in months!

Ad astra per aspera!
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