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Hi there! First of all, I'd like to say that I know the feeling! Although, my biggest problem with sugar/sugar substitutes are through sodas. Through some research, the best option, though a bit more expensive, is to invest in Stevia, which is a natural sweetener?

The book I'm currently using as a 'guide' is Jorge Cruise's The Belly Fat Cure. He suggests to avoid the artificial sweeteners and go with sugar alcohols or Stevia. This is especially relevant for his lifestyle, since the daily allotment of sugar is 15 grams. (Comparing this to a can of soda made me CRYYY!)

Anyway, I really can't answer too much about this program or the product itself, as my mom bought this book this past week and only shared it with me on Friday.


^ However, you can read a bit more on Stevia here!

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I like Stevia for certain things, and I have been drinking diet sodas that have no coloring or preservatives, that are sweetened with Splenda. Aspartame hurts my stomach these days and Stevia and Splenda don't.

They aren't the healthiest thing ever though so I make sure to get my water and not overdo it with them.

I have been drinking Pumpkin Hot Chocolate like crazy using a bit of Stevia as a sweetener.

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I wonder if it's bad that I just eat it... but not in large amounts anymore.. I went through a binge of just eating straight m&m's and doritos to the point I don't even really like them anymore. I like frozen yogurt now even though it's not that good for you either. My friend suggested to me making iced tea popsicles and I eat already the low calories not sugar added fruit popsicles. I like seaweed so I will use that as a replacement snack. I really do have to admit though that I still love sweets. Sometimes I will take a bite and just throw the rest in the trash or I will break off a piece a give the rest away. Alcohol is the big sugar thing I really need to pass up. Chicken and beer. Wine and meat. Vodka and More vodka. I tried a few times to just drink seltzer water but the peer pressure kind of got to me.
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All this advice is brilliant I think I'm going to do a bit more research on stevia sounds like a good option! I've reduced the amount of sugar in my coffee to about half a teaspoon full just to take the edge of the bitterness off of the coffee and I'm eating more fruits instead of sweets so going well! I'm just so tired though! I'm hoping it will pass
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