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Default How many sizes did you go down?

I'll try not to be super specific but I'm at 220 and a size 16, my goal weight is around 140-150 how many sizes did you go down when you lost 70-80 lbs? Or in general... I'm askin because I'm getting married in march and imgetting my dress soon and know I'll lose weight but I don't want to order too big and not be able to bring it in, and or ge a dress too small I was thinking of just ordering a 12, and also I'm going thru davids bridal so they'll exchange it for a smaller/larger size if I have to when the time comes... But I'm still curious.. I know when I was 160 I was a size 10 but that was Pre baby...
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Honestly, if you can wait with a dress, wait. You could look so different that what looks good now won't look good then - your shape changes.

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Yeah but I honestly can't wait till ten to purchase it but davids bridal told me I could exchange the dress for the same of equal or lesser
Value, so I'm assuming if I want to I can go back and switch, the dress I'm aiming to go with a tea length dress I'm having a simple savannah wedding in the square, so I'm hoping that looks good on me I love that style :3
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My wedding dress was a size 12 and at that time I weighed probably between 165-170 ( I don't exactly remember). But I am taller than you, too, so that makes a difference. I also know that my boobs especially were a source of problems and I had to have my dress altered before the wedding. Each time I lose weight it seems a little different every time. One time I lose weight in my hips, then now this time not so much. I would wait as long as possible, just with enough time to alter or exchange if needed. Also remember that wedding dress sizes are a little different in that many of them run smaller than regular clothes. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! When you get your dress post so we can see!
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I have big boobies too, so I'm assuming that may give me issues. And I've come to terms with the fact I'll probably have alterations done so it fits me perfectly

These are 2 of the tea length ones I have my eyes on

And *if* I go with a long gown I'd choose one of these if they looked ok on me

The last 3 are gorgeous but my vision is more southern like this picture..

Obviously that's not me in the pic below lol

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I started out at 240 I was a size 20 then.. now around 202 I am a size 16/15. Idk if that helps at all lol.. I wish I weighed 170 and could let you know one day.. congrats on your wedding. Those dresses are very pretty!!!
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There is no way to know! It's best to wait.

I was 180 (in 2003 prior to the last major weight gain) when I got married and my wedding dress is a size 12. It hangs on me now at 167. I wear a 6. There are too many factors that go in to how much you weigh, to even predict! I was a skinny fat 180, and now I'm a muscular 167.
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There is a site called mybodygallery.com that shows pictures of women of all sizes and weights-- you can search by weight, height, body shape, and size. Maybe you could find people on there with your height and with your type of shape and see if there is a size that they have in common. LOVE the tea length dresses! Congrats!

ETA- I am actually in my 30's, but I love wedding dress pics!

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That my body gallery is an awesome website! Super informative
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I'm about 180 now and a little smaller than a 12, but you said you have boobs...I, unfortunately, do not...so I imagine that our body shapes are pretty different. If they told you that you can exchange, I'd just try to find a pretty classic style that hopefully wont go out of stock by the time you need a final purchase.

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Love those dresses - the first one is gorgeous.

I started out at 214 and a UK size 20 (barely) - I think that's a US 18. I'm now 144lb and a UK 12 (US10?). My body has changed huge amounts and although i was always rather busty, they've shrunk massively too so don't count on things being similar and just smaller - it doesn't seem to work that way.

Off to check out that body gallery.....

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it's so crazy to me how people's bodies change so differently. a while back, i dropped 30 lbs and only kinda dropped from a 14 to a 12. and it was only certain types of 12s. the size game is maybe my least favorite part of this weight-losin' schpeel.

starting over again. again.

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First of all congratulations!!

Second, I've been every weight from 140 - 190. When I was at my lowest, I was a 6-8, but I'm 5'5, so I'm a bit taller than you. Right now at around 180, I'm a size 12-14. So I'd go with a 12 and then go up or down depending. I think if you're at the 140-150 range you'll probably be a 8-10 or so in your waist and hips, but your boobs are going to make you a 12 probably, and you'll have to take everything else in. I'm not expert, but that's my guess. My good friend is an F cup so she always has to go up a size because of it and just pull everything else in.

Also, my favorite of those are the 1st pictured dress and the 3rd. If you like the tea length then I'd definitely say the 1st one. Beautiful!
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Just keep in mind that some David's Bridal dresses don't fit the same as other stores that do more vanity sizing.

I recently bought a David's Bridal dress that's a 12 and it fits me, so a 12 should work for you. However...I'd wait as long as possible before ordering because you never know what might happen.
What if you order a 12 and then injure yourself so you can't exercise as much as you like?

It's hard because I know you want to buy the smaller dress as motivation, but it's better to have a dress that fits/needs to be taken in vs a dress you can't fit into.

That's the advice I got on this board when I had to buy a bridesmaids dress a couple of years ago.
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At 220 I wore a size 16-18

I'm now a size 6 and wedding dresses are 2 sizes bigger so right now when I'm trying wedding dresses for my wedding next year I am trying size 10s.

I'm not sure if it's the same in US & Canada, but just in case, my measurements are 36-27-38. I hope I helped.

But I strongly suggest you wait, because there's no way of telling, everyone is different xo
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