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Default Entering the "pants limbo"

Ok, so I have size 34 pants and size 32 pants and even some size 30 pants.

Currently, I'm a little too small for my 34's (i.e.: I have to hold them up when I run and I don't have to unbutton them to get out). Naturally, this isn't the most comfortable state of things....

My 32 pants, however...close around my hips, but they don't look good...at all. Ways too tight to wear.

So now I'm in that happy medium between pants that I call the pants limbo.

Short of belts, is there anything I can do to keep my 34's up while I'm getting small enough for my 32's?

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keep going
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Agh I know the feeling! I'm a 12-14 (US 8-10) in trousers right now.. I picked up a cheap pair of 12L as they're slightly bigger than 12R as they're meant for taller people. I guess it depends a lot on the brand too though.. these things are so inconsistent.
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If your shirts are long enough, there's always the pregnancy trick of using an elastic between the button hole and the button to close the 32s.

I think a belt for the 34s is your best bet, unless you want to bring back suspenders. It doesn't have to be a belt-belt though. Scarves can work too.

If you can sew (or know someone who can), a dart in the waist of the 34s should help too.

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It's so frustrating! I started at a US 14-16 and have lost 45 pounds only to be wearing a 12 in pants/shorts right now, but they're toooo bigggg!!! In skirts and dresses, a 10 is just about right if not a bit too large, but in shorts and pants everything fits PERFECTLY except for the waistband, as it's right on my hips which refuse to go away! Of course, the tailor is your best friend if you have the time/money to spend, but it's hard for me to want to get things altered when I'm still looking forward to the NEXT size down...
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The thrift store is always your friend. You can try on a variety of brands to find a size that fits your current shape without really spending any money during your weight-loss journey
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I add a tiny length of elastic on the sides of the waist band for my bigger pants between sizes. It added enough that they will stay up but not cause a (worse) muffin top. I hate wearing belts so elastic is my friend.
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maybe try switching up brands? but i hate that limbo period. for so long my size 12s were too big, but 10s were a little too tight. during those days, leggings became my best friends hahaha. good luck though! hopefully the 32s will fit perfectly soon!
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Losing the baby weight
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I was going to suggest the rubber band trick too
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Not entirely relevant, but today I came to the realization that I can no longer wear my favorite skirt unless I do some alterations on it. Most of my mile and a half walk was spent clutching at the back of my skirt to keep from mooning innocent bystanders.

For something more relevant, my dress pants are also loose, and for my belts to be effective they'd need to have another notch about 2'' farther down from the end. Lately I've taken to making sure that I wear an undershirt so that I have two shirts to tuck in and take up space inside my pants with me instead of just one. Not an ideal solution (especially with hot weather around the corner), but it gets the job done in a pinch.

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I know this is somewhat irrelevant but "limbo pants" are the reason I started learning how to sew and fix my clothes. The money I spent on learning that were worth every penny in the long run as I have no butt which causes me a problem of "limbo pants" even now that my size is in the "small" size range.

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