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I never told anyone in real life, because it's a very private thing and what everyone else has mentioned... It's just none of their business. But I have told people that I'm close with online, if they're willing to hear. I feel like telling someone makes it official, and I have to do it after saying I will. They're just not there in person to see when I slip, so it doesn't trip me up. I can just casually mention when I've made big losses and continue to feel good about it. lol

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Originally Posted by fatbookworm View Post
I kind of wish I hadn't told anyone, because I've been struggling and cheating the past few days, and one of my roommates has been all :"Aren't you on a diet?" It really makes me feel guilty to hear that. It's a good motivator, true, but I really didn't need the unsolicited comment. *sighs*
Yeah, this. I've been off the wagon this past week and feel like a failure. And of course now all the people who see me eat a cookie are like my concience, telling me I shouldn't be eating it because i'm on a diet. I guess it's my own fault for telling them. Oh well. Someone did ask me if i've been losing weight, so it was some encouragement!
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Generally I used to try to keep diets quiet. I was fat and it was my shameful little secret that I was trying to do something about it and couldn't just be skinny like everyone else and have normal self esteem. That led to awkwardness when friends wanted to go out, having to make excuses for weird lunches, and more stress than I needed over whether or not people realized that I was trying to lose weight.

This time around I'm being loud about it so that (hopefully) people will hold me accountable. I'm 10,000 miles away from my close friends, so I can imagine judge-y faces that they'd be too polite to give me in person and use it as motivation to try harder. Maybe I'm just crazy, but I've got my fingers crossed that it works.

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The only person who knows I am trying to lose weight and change my lifestyle is my fiance and best friend. Last time I did this I told my close family, some friends and a couple other people noticed at work, bad idea! After they found out they either made snippy comments, criticized what I was eating (even fruit!), gave me unwanted advice or asked me what my "secret" was. You should have seen there faces when I replied "No secret, eat less - move more". I think they thought I had found a diet pill that actually worked or something.

This time however, I am keeping it to myself, my man and my 1 best friend. They are all the support I need.
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i'm really weirdly secretive about it too and i'm not sure why. after i read everyone's responses my best guess is that i don't want to hear anyone's advice or long rants about dieting or have to answer why i want to do this when i'm already such a pretty girl. i've always kind of had weird issues with authority and maybe this is kind of part of that? i have no idea, really but i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who doesn't like to talk about it.

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