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Just watch me ...
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Originally Posted by Brid View Post
...I also think part of why I didn't like people knowing was because it was like admitting there was something wrong with me that needed fixing...
Good point! I don't say anything to most folks, because then it becomes their favorite past-time - watching My weight. If it's someone who has lost weight herself, or who is truly into a healthful lifestyle, I'm likely to comment more on what I'm doing, because I'll get a mature response.

The best part of this all, of course, is living well and being happier in my own skin
Nothing needs fixing
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I keep it to myself unless someone asks. Theres a family friend who likes to keep up with/ask about my weight loss. I don't mind. I know she really wants me to succeed. My bf always comments when I'm losing weight and I don't mind talking about it with him, but again, I don't go into detail or talk about it a whole lot.

I'd rather just let my results speak for themselves.
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Originally Posted by 1987 View Post
It is clear that I am overweight and I'm not going to try and kid myself that they must think otherwise. If people see that I am trying to take steps to eat more healthily and be more active, I don't mind at all.
I am kind of guilty of this! sometimes I like to think, if I don't mention my weight, and I don't, people won't think of me as fat. Because no one wants that thought about them I guess. Ah, it doesn't make sense really, I know!
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Hug a Tree!
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I've always pretty much kept it to myself. If people notice I will admit I have lost weight and say "thank you" but I don't talk about it otherwise.
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Originally Posted by JoseLo View Post
sometimes I like to think, if I don't mention my weight, and I don't, people won't think of me as fat.
I'm guilty of this too, and I think it's a lot of why I (also) don't tell people I'm trying to lose weight. A big part of it for me is that no one has ever verbally called me overweight, which is nice in its way but also kind of weird, because I've spent a lot of my life this way. Because they don't really acknowledge it, I feel weird acknowledging it. When I went from 188 to 150 in 2010 people did eventually start to comment, though.
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I know I don't mention it because I'm afraid I'll fail, gain it all back, and live up to the stereotype of a fat girl (again...)
Started - 12/25/11 at 265 lbs.
ONEderland - 2/16/13 at 199 lbs.
Goal - Normal BMI! - 7/17/13 at 155 lbs.
Refocus - 1/29/15 - 185 lbs.

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I wish I hadn't mentioned it to certain people, even though it felt necessary at the time. I told the women who serve lunch various tales–"I'm not hungry at lunch," "I can't eat many carbs recently," "I'm allergic to X"–to get them to stop giving me such MASSIVE, UNBELIEVABLY HUGE portions of lunch. While it worked, it also apparently gave one license to decide what I can and can't eat. Ugh.
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To the Future
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I talk about it, but only with my closest friends and family. But I'm more successful at losing when I don't talk about it, put my head down, and just do it.

Starting waist-41
Current waist-40
Goal waist-32
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My mum and my neighbours know (because I'm friends with all their daughters and go walking with one of them, soon two when she comes home). I did mention it to another one of my friends who is also dieting and losing weight. I have had people comment on my weight saying that I have lost weight (even though I haven't as of yet according to the scales) I went to see my dad the other evening and I hadn't seem him in a few weeks and he said I looked like I have but because I didn't, I said I hadn't. Maybe I'm just toning up or something? I haven't told many people about it and I don't intend too. I know once the goal is achieved, I won't be able to deny it but I think until it is very noticeable I will just say, yeah I'm out walking and that just to get fit. I haven't gone into details with anyone about how hard I'm trying (ie my calorie counting or my weight loss goal) and again I don't intend on telling people that. I was offered a packet of crisps the other evening by my neighbour and refused, but she didn't say anything about it to me. To me, this is my own personal business and struggle and I get to pick and choose who I want to know and how much they know. I remember a few years ago when I had lost weight and people commented on it, I did say that I had and it was very encouraging. But I think I'm grown up to be a lot more private about these issues and would prefer to keep them personal now.
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I haven't said anything at all... kind of discouraging for me anyways haha, as I live a plane-ride away from home for school (and have for the last 2 years) so, even though I've lost 10+ pounds to get back to my high-school size.... that's how everyone remembers me anyways!!

But, saying something would have been worse - I'm one of the smallest of my group of friends anyways, and don't want to make anything awkward there, and have also had 5 friends struggle with serious eating disorders in the last few years... so yeah. don't want to tell them either, or my family in case they start worrying.

It means a lot of private dance parties haha
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I work in a salon and I see people every 4-8 weeks depending on what they get done, and I'm at my 12 week mark for working out and I've lost almost 30 and I'm having people notice since they don't see me all the time, 3 people has commented in the past few days. Now I have people who Give me un solicited advice, and I just nod and say what I do, I had a lady ask if I have cheat days and I said no but I eat what I wan anyways in moderation and make different choices with it. She seemed to understand and when I said if u actually cheated it would be nuggets from mcdonalds and those are addicting so I just stay away from them lol
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Hi there!
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You're not alone. I've never outright said I'm trying to lose weight, even when it's obvious I have.

I don't want or need people policing my food and exercise, so I never tell them what I'm doing. I never say, "I don't eat X." I don't mention health, exercise, weight, or anything. I've found that people don't actually want to know what I'm doing (diet and exercise, surprise), and I do better when I don't tell them.

It's less pressure on me, I think. I adjust my food/exercise almost constantly depending on lots of factors. It's easier to not talk about it. Also, no one I know is overweight or ever has been. It's way different for an always-very-slender friend than it is for me. That's another reason - always-thin people seriously don't understand weight loss/gain/maintenance. Just like I have no idea what it's like to always have been thin.

Do what works for you - forget the rest.
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I tell my friends and my family. In fact, my mother was also on a similar diet to me to lose 3-4lbs after a 2 week vacation. Actually, I'm looking forward to seeing some friends I haven't seen for 3 months now that I've lost 12-13lbs since I last saw them!

I haven't told my husband's family. It's getting a bit obvious now as I've lost just over 27lbs but when they ask if I've lost weight or that I've gotten skinny I always reply "Not really" or "No, just new clothes". I find in Asian cultures it's very common to comment on people's weight loss or weight gain (and not in a particularly tactful manner) and I really don't need any of that from them. As an example, my mother in law is always telling my husband he's fat (He's 5'10 and weighs 160lbs. He might not be as skinny as when I met him where he was 138lbs but honestly, I prefer his body shape now!) and my aunt told my husband "Oh look, your wife has lost weight! It's all gone to your belly". Unfortunately, all those comments have made him decide to go on a diet. It may be silly to be still denying it but if I do, at least I don't have to cop comments about my weight beforehand.

GOAL: 17 August 2012. Now onto maintenance!
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I kind of wish I hadn't told anyone, because I've been struggling and cheating the past few days, and one of my roommates has been all :"Aren't you on a diet?" It really makes me feel guilty to hear that. It's a good motivator, true, but I really didn't need the unsolicited comment. *sighs*
My goals: Lost 10lbs by 08/27, 130lbs lost by my May 2013 college graduation!

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Here to Learn
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Originally Posted by fatbookworm View Post
I kind of wish I hadn't told anyone, because I've been struggling and cheating the past few days, and one of my roommates has been all :"Aren't you on a diet?" It really makes me feel guilty to hear that. It's a good motivator, true, but I really didn't need the unsolicited comment. *sighs*
Yup, that's why I don't tell anyone. I suppose for accountability, maybe it's not a bad idea. But for me, I don't want the judgmental comments. I eat healthy and in reasonable portions at most meals, but sometimes I just want something not as healthy, or a little more than I should, or a beer darnit. (haha). And I don't want the self-appointed food police telling me I can't have it.

The only person who knows I'm actively trying to lose weight is my DH and he's great- he's very supportive and he *never* comments on what I eat. He eats what I cook and never complains either, and he puts up with the meals I make that are uber-healthy and low calorie as "penance" for that restaurant meal from the day before. Frankly I think any meal he doesn't have to cook just makes him happy. But it's nice that he's supportive and non-judgmental.
“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” - Thomas A. Edison

It took me 9 years to learn how to lose weight. Don't give up!
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