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Leveling Up
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Default I'm really proud of my family right now

My whole immediate family has always had weight issues. I was taught from when I was little that we were just built that way.

I guess when I shattered that expectation, my family realized they could do things differently.

I'm really, really proud of them right now. It's also motivating to me to keep doing what I'm doing!

My Dad has lost weight calorie counting with an app on his phone. He got my brother to install the app too, and I know he's been using it. My mom is cooking more veggies than ever and making her already yummy dishes even healthier (which makes things 1000x easier for me!) and my teenage brother (who I make lunches for) has lost 15lbs and is exercising more!

I'm just super proud of them all and I never said ANYTHING to any of them. I just kept on doing my thing and ignoring everyone when they said we weren't built to be small . Now I notice nobody says that anymore and sometimes they ask me questions. I will answer but I don't give them unwanted advice.

I do a lot of the baking in the house, so I have made things healthier too. I write out the nutritional info and give it to my Dad so he can put it in his app Everyone was enjoying the muffins I made recently (blueberry ones and banana nut) which were replacements for our old 600 calorie favorites (ouch).

The bonus is that yes, it's easier for me, but I'm just happy my family has jumped on the bandwagon. I know there are so many people out there who want their families to get healthier and I wanted the same for mine. I'm happy that my progress has helped them along and I wonder where they'll be a year from now!
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That's awesome! It makes it soooo much easier when the people you live with are doing the same things! Way to go on being an encouragement to your family!!
~ The difference between who you are and what you want to be is what you do!

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keep going
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That's really fantastic, you must feel great I'm really delighted for you and your family.

I'm inspiring my mother to start making changes here and there. She gained a lot of weight after she quit smoking and I know she's not happy (we actually quit at the same time last year) with how she looks and feels now. So when she asks I give her advice on how I'm doing it but not trying to pressure her. She eats better when I'm at home though, which is a start
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I want to feel better
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what a great feeling! You are very inspiring.
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That is brilliant! Well done to your family and all the efforts they are putting in to live a healthier lifestyle. I only wish mine were the same. Although, my mum has been speaking a lot of doing Zumba lately! Could be a change in her. I think I'm rubbing off on her a little with me trying to lose weight. She knows what I want to achieve so will buy me fruit and that when I ask her too to avoid me snacking with unhealthier foods.
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I Will Because I Can
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That is awesome! You are a great inspiration for your family and I think you're going about it in the perfect way... just living a healthy lifestyle and leading by example.
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You are a perfect example of leading by example, Congratulations !
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Leveling Up
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Thanks everyone!! <3 I'm still really proud of all of them!

Even my fiance is getting healthier now. He doesn't need to lose weight but wants to eat healthier and exercise more. He likes weight training like I do, but can't afford a gym membership. So he does the next best thing...uses me as a weight! Hahaha! The other day he did squats using me and he's bench pressed me before. I've told him how much I weigh so he knows how much he's lifting His friend and his brother have gym memberships where they are allowed to bring a guest for free. He's been sponging off that occasionally too.

My brother and my Dad need new clothes! Yay for them!

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I LOVE That your family is following your lead. That seems like it could possibly be the BEST compliment you could recieve!

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Staying the Same
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That's excellent! You're the combo breaker poster child, leading by example and showing them that they can lose weight and get healthy without going on fad diets or starving to death.

My dad announced to me yesterday he's trying to diet again and I really, really hope it will stick. It's hard to lead by example when I don't live at home...
Push on some more!


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That is soooo awesome! When doing what's good for you rubs off on others, it's so.... I don't know the word for it. but it's great. It makes people truly realize that saying that can't do it is an excuse!

Yay for your family!

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your boyfriend bench presses you! that is the greatest thing i have ever heard!

starting over again. again.

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